The Place
Vse babyi duryi
A place where real men get their hair cut

Vse babyi duryi

Development of a brand concept for a brutal male barbershop. Premium loft and men's energy are everywhere!
In this institution, you will not be ashamed to apply gel to your styling, because real gentlemen are never shy ;)
But seriously, what guy doesn't want to plunge into the atmosphere of the English Men's Club?


The color palette takes us back to the days when a man on a horse unfastened a leather pouch to pour some gunpowder into the gun!

Customer Feedback
about the project

An original approach and a cheerful atmosphere in the team is a recipe for the success of the guys from The Place studio
Special thanks to the director of the studio Igor Kulagin, for allowing him to implement interesting ideas from year to year :)

Ekaterina Krupskaya - Creator of barbershop