Creating a website

Creating a website is a time—consuming and very interesting process in which Internet marketers, web designers, programmers, layout designers, testers, copywriters, content managers and other specialists take part.

Moreover, the main — the most voluminous, complex and painstaking — work is hidden from the eyes. Because of this, people who are far from web development often have a misunderstanding of the essence of the process and the principles of pricing.

In our work, we use a step-by-step principle of project execution. As a rule, website development is divided into 5-6 main stages and at each stage the customer controls the progress and quality of the work performed.

Start of work

Marketing Analysis

Marketing analysis of the site allows you to solve the most important task - who is this site for. You can't do without this audit if you want to promote your website as efficiently as possible. This method shows the positioning of the product on the Internet, helps to analyze the potential audience, target market segment and competitors.

Conclusion: Companies that have decided to take their product or service to a new level and consolidate their positions cannot do without a marketing analysis of the site.

As a result, you get certain conclusions that will help you make important tactical and strategic decisions on the future project.

And the text?

We provide copywriting services

If you need services for writing texts, we will connect a professional copywriter to the project. The process of creating a commercial text is not just writing it. 90% of the work is the study and analysis of your business, its market positions, competitors. And only the remaining 10% is the preparation of the material based on the collected data and its editing.


On average, it takes from 1 to 3 months to develop a website, depending on the complexity of the project
  • We are developing:
  • Corporate websites
  • Online stores
  • Promo sites
  • Development of services